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The joys of being a woman include a monthly visit from your least favorite girlfriend. Her name is menstrual cycle or to get to the point, your period. Depending on how long she stays, how noticeable she is, and whether or not she's nice while here can easily turn your relationship from friends to super complicated in a split second. So, how do you find relief from the heavy bleeding, painful cramps, and the bloating often associated with your monthly menstrual cycle? Here are a few tips to help bring you some relief.

Heavy Flow

Many women experience a heavy period. This becomes even more common as you approach menopause. Heavy periods are usually a result of increased estrogen levels. Unfortunately, with the heavy flow, you may experience anemia, feelings of being tired (fatigue), and weakness due to the loss of blood. Needless to say, this must be corrected.

Heavy periods have been known to respond well to nutritional corrective action. Load up on your Vitamin A. This very essential vitamin is said to help with excessive amounts of estrogen, which is directly linked to heavy blood flow. Vitamin A in your diet will help toward decreasing the blood flow during your monthly cycle! Cod liver oil is a great source of Vitamin A. This is great news and a relatively simple fix.


If you are like me, you instantly feel 10 pounds heavier during your cycle due to bloating. What a hassle and icky feeling. So where's the relief? Increase your water intake! Water will help flush all the junk out your body and keep you "regular." Plus drinking wateris excellent for your diet overall, therefore, adding a few more cups a day during your cycle will afford you more benefits than not. Watch out for foods that will give you gas. Beans, certain vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and more will give you gas and increase the bloat feeling. Increase your fiber intake. Fiber is a great source to help keep you "regular" as well and in the prevention of constipation. The last thing you need is to be backed up and bloated.

So in short, drink water, avoid gassy foods, and loading up on fiber are a few tips to offer bloating relief.

Irregular Periods

Ugh, get mad! The last thing you need is to not know when your girlfriend is coming to town. This is very frustrating and makes planning your big date or what to wear when she shows up on her time. To help regulate your period, once again, pay attention to your diet. Sparingly consume caffeine, fats that are not healthy for you, sugars, and other dietary items which could interfere with the production of hormones.

Period Pains

When you start feeling pain you have just received all the evidence you need to know you are receiving your monthly visit. Some women experience light pains, while many women experience period cramps so unbearable, medication is required. This section is very important to me, as I truly feel your pain. So, here are a few tips to offer pain relief.

Did I mention watching your diet? Yes, your diet will contribute to your level of pain. The consumption of fruits, vegetables, and tons of water will help with period pains. You might even benefit from a slimmer waist. Nice! Natural supplements such as Vitamin E, Omega 3, and thiamine will aide in the reduction of period pains along with other healthy dietary supplements. Other options include a regular exercise regimen, a heating pad placed on the lower abdomen, over the counter medication per the instructions, and even birth control have been said to help in the reduction of period pains.


Being a woman is a great responsibility and we are reminded each month. Improving your period is not easy at times, but can be achieved. Afford yourself comfort by simply watching your diet with increased consumption of your favorite fruits, veggies, and water intake. Avoid anything that will aide in pain, bloating, bleeding, and overall discomfort during your cycle. Take note of these tips to help bring relief to yourself when visited by your least favorite girlfriend!

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Guest [11/01/2014 16:59] 

Cutting out gluten can help with bloating.Verry painful periods are NOT normal and can be a sign of endometriosis,It can take up to 15 years to get a diagnosis.If you suspect that you may have endometriosis don't let your doctor bully you and tell you that your pain is normal.Excruciating period pain is never normal.

Guest [08/22/2014 18:52] 

I wud like yo know how to shorten my period Just got it yesterday morning and I need it gone by tomorrow. Please help

Guest [08/10/2013 13:08] 

I hate period pains, especially cramps, I will try out these tips and hopefully they will help.

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