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"I am extremely happy with my purchase of this product. The Diva Cup website and the menstrual_cups community on livejournal are excellent sources of information on the benefits of the cup and how to use it, but I will include here what I found most helpful.

The cup is worn inside the vagina, somewhat like a tampon but much lower. It is very flexible and is folded for insertion (so don't worry about how big it looks at first - I am small-built and I use it easily). Once inside, it may take a little manipulation to unfold, but I got the hang of it very quickly. The cup should unfold all the way, so that the rim creates a gentle suction with the vaginal walls. This ensures that the cup catches and holds menstrual blood. It can be worn up to 12 hours at a time, at which point it should be emptied, washed, and reinserted. It is easy to use with practice, though some women take longer learning to use it than others. Using water or water-based lubricant is helpful for some beginners. It is extremely comfortable; when it is inserted correctly, you should not even feel it.

Using the Diva Cup takes away a lot of my worries during menstruation. It doesn't leak like a pad or tampon sometimes does. It holds an entire ounce, which is 1/3 to 1/4 of the average woman's flow for the entire period, so it does not have to be emptied as often. Most only need to empty it once in the morning and once at night. I don't have to worry about running out of pads or tampons, or remembering them when I go out somewhere or on vacation.

The Cup is made of silicone (the kind used for replacement heart valves and joints, not breast implants!) so it is non-absorbent and does not dry out the body's natural fluids. Therefore it has not been and is not likely to be associated with TSS. Unlike a tampon, it is safe to insert when you are not on your period or when your flow is very light. This fact helped me in two ways: 1) I was able to practice using the cup before my period and 2) I was able to leave the cup in when I expected my period so I didn't have to worry about it happening at an inopportune time. Without the cup, I don't know how I would have dealt with my period starting in the middle of a windsurfing lesson!! Luckily I had the cup in and all was well. It also saw me through a long car trip with few restroom stops with no worries about how long a disposable product could last without leaking.

I also found the cup more discreet than other products - on vacation with a friend's family (including little brothers)I was grateful that I had no need to run between the bedroom and the bathroom with products, no wrappers crinkling, no used products sitting in the trash can.

Many are put off by a reusable menstrual product, but the silicone cup is easy to clean - most simply rinse with warm water and soap for daily use, and the cup can be boiled for five to ten minutes to sterilize before and after your period, if you feel the need. Just make sure you rinse the cup well when you use soap. I am looking forward to never buying disposable products again, never having them in my trash can, never sending them to pile up in the Earth's landfills.

Some also associate the idea of an "alternative" product with a sacrifice of convenience, comfort, price, etc. I have found the cup both more convenient and comfortable than pads or tampons, and it pays for itself with the money you save by no longer buying disposable products. I believe the cup is only considered "alternative" because it is not well-known. I have no idea why more women don't know about this product. My guess is because since the cup is reusable, it does not make the huge types of profits that disposables do. So no large companies have manufactured and advertised it. Menstrual cups have been left up to small, woman-friendly and earth-friendly companies such as the makers of the Diva Cup (in Canada) and the Moon Cup (in the UK).

The single, small drawback I had with the Diva was a tiny bit of spotting - probably from blood that was already lower than the rim of the cup when I inserted it. This is easily taken care of with just a pantiliner or a bit of folded toilet paper. I didn't even use those; I just washed the stains off with hydrogen peroxide, which works really well on blood.

Sorry about the length, but I did my research before buying my own, and I think women should know as much as possible about their options - especially this one!"

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Jennifer Lainley

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What an interesting concept. Thanks for the well written review. I\'ll have to get one and try it out myself.

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